We are fully aware that, in the midst of 21st century, the only thing to do is to be excellent. Our job is based on the use of advanced technical equipments, a highly qualified team and the offer of some projects able to satisfy our customers’ needs, environmental friendly, people friendly and which are profitable.p>

Our three basic premises are:


Emypro works to become a benchmark company for storage tanks manufacturing, assembly and maintenance and also for distribution of chemical, oil, water, food and fluids in general products.


Our productive process has been designed to ensure that best appropriate industrial solutions will be applied, according to the current regulations and the most advanced techniques. All this is aimed to produce he necessary results to fully satisfy our customers and collaborators, and to meet maximum quality, safety and environment friendly standards.


Emypro’s business challenge is founded upon some essential values. To be a sustainable productive company, that valorizes people, is a dream come true in Emypro.

Our aim is frankly meet our customers’ needs as well as o adapt our production process to every project to ensure that the most advanced techniques are applied and that legal current requirements and standards are fulfilled.

Beyond our external efforts, we are passionate of a constant desire of improvement. A permanent updating work, committed to our company’s implication to increase the capacity and the awareness of our staff.

Emypro S.A. is a company specializing in manufacturing and construction of storage tanks, piping installations and “turnkey” terminals for the chemical and petrochemical industries.

Emypro S.A. is a metal sector company with own facilities to prefabricate boilermaking mechanical and metal framework parts. This allows us to meet, in a global and personalized way, all our customers’ needs.  From each project development stage to the components manufacture and  assembly, either at our facilities or “on-place”, according to its size.

During the last 30 years, we have manufactured and assembled more than 1000 carbon and stainless steel tanks in Europe and South America, which means more than 3 000 000 m³ of storage capacity.

Emypro S.A. is a fully consolidated company, with a wide experience in its sector. Our mission statement has always been to achieve a very clear objective: Continually work to reach a productive process based on the implementation of the best practices applied to metal construction sector.

Innovation is a key value in our company and is in all that we do. Constant updating of the technology and working method make Emypro S.A. a highly specialized company, able to respond to all our customers’ needs and to offer top quality, service and professionalism guarantees in a society that is ever more demanding.

Emypro is a horizontal organization, with few hierarchic layers so that communication with customers is direct and fluent. That gives our company a new value, not only among the people who work in it but also with our customers, who are pleased to keep constant feedback with Emypro.