Emypro S.A. is a company dedicated to the manufacture and assembly of storage tanks, piping installations and “turnkey” terminals for the chemical and petrochemical industry.

We are a company in the metallurgical sector with our own factory and workshops for the prefabrication of mechanical elements of boilermaking and metallic structures. This allows us to respond, in a global and personalised way, to the needs of our clients. From the development phase of each project to the manufacture of its components and its assembly, either in our warehouse or on-site, depending on its volume and scope.

Over more than 35 years we have manufactured and assembled more than 1000 Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel tanks in Europe and South America, representing more than 3,000,000 m³ of storage.

We are a fully consolidated company with a long history in the sector. Our company philosophy has been based from the outset on the achievement of very clear objectives: to work permanently to achieve a production process based on the implementation of the best practices applied to the metal construction sector.

Our integrated system manual defines and develops the backbone of our company – quality management, environmental management and occupational health and safety management – which are respectively governed by international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OSHAS 18001.

Innovation is a key value in our company and is at the core of all our actions. The constant updating of technologies and working methods has made Emypro a highly specialised company, capable of responding to all the needs of our clients and offering, in an increasingly competitive society, the maximum guarantees of quality, service and professionalism.

Emypro is committed to a horizontal organisation chart with few hierarchical steps, which means that communication with the client is direct and, therefore, much more fluid. This characteristic offers an added value not only among the people who work at Emypro but is also very positively valued by our clients who have a permanent feed-back with our company.


At Emypro we are aware that, in the 21st century, the only possible path is that of excellence. Our work is based on our commitment to the most advanced technical resources, a highly qualified and cohesive team and the offer of projects that meet the needs of our clients, are respectful of the environment, respectful of people and offer profitability.

Three are our basic premises:


Emypro works to be a benchmark company in the processes of manufacturing, assembly and maintenance of storage tanks as well as the distribution of chemical, oil, water, food and fluid products in general.


Our production processes have been designed to guarantee that the optimum industrial solutions are applied in each case, in accordance with current regulations and the most advanced techniques. All this in order to generate results that fully satisfy our customers and collaborators, always in accordance with the highest standards of quality, safety and respect for the environment.


Emypro’s business challenge is based on inescapable values. The dreamed future of a sustainable, productive society that gives value to people is already a present reality in our company.

Our objective is to give a frank and real response to the needs of our clients, adapting our production process to each project, applying the most advanced techniques, being respectful with the environment and complying with the legal and regulatory requirements in force.

Beyond our external code of conduct, we are driven by a vocation for constant improvement. A work of permanent updating focused on the involvement of our company to achieve the maximum training and awareness of the people who make it up.

Each project developed by our company is approached in a transversal way. Emypro’s know-how has always been based on the application of objectives that are deeply linked to all areas of the company.

The experience accumulated over more than 30 years has enabled Emypro to position itself at the forefront of companies in the metallurgical sector. During all these years the company has focused its efforts on two basic lines, technological performance and working methods with the aim of becoming what it is today: a highly specialised company capable of complying with all the guarantees of the three essential values for any company of reference – Quality, Service and Professionalism.

Our commitment to quality not only concerns the quality of the product and manufacturing methods, but also the provision of a service that meets the customer’s needs, carries out the tasks undertaken with professionalism and complies with the established delivery deadlines. The degree of satisfaction of our customers is our ultimate goal and, therefore, the level of loyalty achieved is a good example of the work well done by Emypro throughout its history.