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High Technology

Emypro has the latest CAD and parametric design technologies for our project’s designs, qualified personnel who execute these technologies, a space to develop such projects (the plant in Sallent) and appropriate machinery to properly perform them (cylinders, 2 plasma cutting tables, cranes, tracks, generators, etc.). Not surprisingly Emypro has at present over 3.000.000 m³ storage for manufactured and assembled products. This figure is growing every day thanks to all our customers’ trust and loyalty.

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Storage tanks manufacturing and assembly:

Since its foundation in 1981, Emypro has manufactured and assembled more than 1000 carbon and stainless steel tanks in Spain, France, Portugal, The Netherlands, Panama, Brazil and Colombia. It has also carried out different tank coating using stainless steel sheets.


Other storing systems for manufactured and supplied products by Emypro:

– Construction of silos.
– Supply, manufacture and assembly of cryogenic tanks.
– Construction of tanks for concentration thermal plants.


“Turnkey” installations:

EMYPRO executes all the phases of a project. Design-build, relevant permits and all parts assembly (tanks, pipes, loading and unloading equipments, etc.) and also the subsequent maintenance.
in a “turnkey” installation, Emypro carries out some different design and execution projects:

– Construction project storage tanks
– Civil works project (pump sump, PIT, etc.)
– Electrical project (control, power)
– Network of pipes
– Loading docks
– Landings

The customer receives the installation completely finished and ready to start their activities.

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Emypro manufactures, assembles and supplies storage tanks and, in almost all the projects, install both aerial and underground tube bundles for different fluid piping systems: hydrocarbons, corrosive, flammable, toxic products, steam, thermal oil, etc. The network of pipes material is always suitable to every project technical features and requirements (paper, chemical, textile or food).

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Loading and unloading installations for vessels, trains and tankers

Emypro has long experience in platform roof installations as well as loading and unloading installations for tankers, vessels or trains.

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Floating shields

Internal systems for the control of emissions and minimisation of vapour derived from the stored product.
Design, manufacture and assembly of carbon steel screens.
Design and assembly of direct contact and floating screens in stainless steel.

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Engineering projects

Emypro has a technical department that develops all projects exclusively with definition of suitable plans, calculations and specifications according to normative standards (API650, API620, ASME, etc.) and each customer’s specific requirements.

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Floating suctions

Internal system for the controlled extraction of product from inside the tank to the required level, avoiding the aspiration of sediments that may eventually form inside the tank.