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Other storage systems manufactured and supplied by Emypro:

-Silo construction
-Construction of silos
-Supply, manufacture and erection of cryogenic tanks
-Construction of tanks for concentrating solar thermal power plant halls.

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Loading and unloading installations for ships, railways and tankers

Emypro has extensive experience in canopy installations and loading and unloading installations for tankers, ships and railways.

pantalla tanques

Floating screens

Internal systems for the control of emissions and minimisation of vapours derived from the stored product.
Design, manufacture and assembly of carbon steel screens.
Design and assembly of stainless steel direct contact and pontoon screens.

aspiracion flotante

Floating aspirations

Internal system for the controlled extraction of product from inside the tank at the required level, avoiding the aspiration of sediments that may eventually occur inside the tank.

Maintenance and repairs

We also carry out maintenance and repairs of tanks, pipes and all systems in general.