Most of the projects developped by our company were overall projects, as they involved construction of the whole plant. Apart from the tanks and the terminals inherent to any oil rig, Emypro is also responsible for the network of pipes installation. All actions taken are about both aerial and underground networks, for fluid piping systems: hydrocarbons, corrosive, flammable or toxic products, steam, thermal oils, etc.
The piping material is adapted to each project technical features and requirements (paper, chemical, textile or food) .




España Panamá


Year: 2012
Fabricación y montaje líneas tuberias para foso bombas, conexión a tanques, marquesinas muelle carga camiones, rac conexión línea general a Payway y línea conexión de terminales a brazo de carga marino.

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Suministro y montaje de Instalaciones Industriales: tuberías y equipos

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